Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today is a great day around the office as we launch the new PointSync.com website. For years, our flagship product line needed proper representation online, and now that day has come. Here are some of the highlights of the new site:

General Design:
First, we wanted to have a super clean design that's easy on the eyes, easy to read and easy to navigate. The Home Page is a special place on any site. For ours, we wanted to take a highly technical topic and make it clear what our core value is to a potential customer. A combination of static and carousal style graphics keeps the eyes focused on the important content.

Product Pages:
There is a LOT to talk about with the PointSync Professional product and our developer plugin's & libraries. We wanted to find a place between overwhelming and not enough information, which is tough with such robust products. Take a look at the PointSync product pages for a good balance of screens shots, FAQ, technical info and other information.

Sync "U":
We also talk about synchronizing data a lot around here. Fact is, bullet-proof data synchronization is the core competency built into PointSync Professional . To explain the importance of our synchronization technology and how it fits into the enterprise, we made a whole page dedicated to the topic called Sync "U".

Case Studies:
We're proud to have some well known customers using PointSync Pro. Companies like Craig Hospital, Audi, Inspection Processing Services, FieldSync Assisted Care and others on board as PointSync Customers.

There is plenty more to look at on the site. Please take a few minutes and see what we're doing in the enterprise mobility space. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. See our Contact page for email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Thanks for reading and visiting our new site!  The URL is: http://www.pointsync.com

PointSync Mobile Technologies

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